Biometrics: current and future trends


【讲座题目】Biometrics: current and future trends

【讲座时间】2019年3月7日(周四) 10:00-12:00


【主 讲 人】Reza R. Derakhshani


Reza R. Derakhshan,Associate Professor & Director of Computational Intelligence and Bio-Identification Technologies Laboratory, Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering University of Missouri-Kansas City Chief Scientist at ZOLOZ.


How do we establish trusted identities? We are who we are (the way of natural authentication, a.k.a. biometrics), not something that we memorize (passwords) or something that we have (physical keys and tokens). With their historically unprecedented global penetration, mobile devices are now our de facto all-in-one point of entry to digital life; but they are also prone to being misplaced or stolen. With more critical functions such as financial transactions tied to our devices, the critical question is: who’s holding them? In this talk I will discuss existing and upcoming biometric technologies, including one based on vasculature seen in the white of the eyes along with the surrounding micro features (Eyeprint). I will also mention new trends such as privacy-preserving biometrics and anti-spoofing for seamless personal authentication, and their role in a securely connected society of future free of passwords and physical tokens delivering safe, private, and convenient trust.

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